Darlene Friesen: Quilt Artist and Coach
Quilting and sewing coach serving the North Okanagan in British Columbia: Classes offered in my studio or your home. I provide consultation to aid your personal projects. I also provide longarm quilting service.

Darlene Friesen, Quilting Coach

Doors that OpenDarlene Friesen, Quilting Coach

Since the age of 4, sewing has inspired and fascinated me.  Imagine the intrigue of actually being able to create a work of art in fabric!  I started with stitching through a handful of fabric, and cut through my lavender party dress while trying to cut the thread! Oops! But that didn't stop me. Since then I have accepted many invitations to explore and create with fabric and design.  Using design to express the interplay of colour and design has always brought me a feeling of delight and well-being. Colour moves my soul and brings me joy.

For me high school sewing classes couldn't come soon enough. In Grade 5 I had purchased a pattern and fabric, and made my first jumper. I wore this bold attempt proudly, and I didn't seem to care that it wasn't quite right.  I had made it! That was beyond satisfying for me.  My next project, again a jumper, had bustline darts that met in a perfect point! Oh well….   After high school I eagerly participated and augmented my textiles education with night school classes in stretch and sew, making t-shirts, shorts, pants, and even a bathing suit.

In 1982 I graduated with my teacher's certificate from Simon Fraser University. While having the experience of being a teacher, I was eventually able to blend that experience with one of my new loves..... quilting.

My sister had purchased a quilt store, and suddenly my horizons were expanded with beautiful fabrics and beautiful quilts. As a new Mom  with young children, quilting was a wonderful way for me to stay happy while being at home. During this time I took classes on sewing outerwear, and made my family many ski jackets, pants and accessories.  I eventually taught quilting to women and children, connecting to many wonderful women within the quilting community.

I feel excited and delighted by taking new risks in the world of art quilting and wearable art. I enjoy figuring things out for myself -- a sort of fibre explorer. Creative risks are my invitation to explore new possibilities within the ever expanding world of fibre arts.

I was the fibre arts coordinator for Art Walk in my community of Lake Country B.C. for about 6 years. This experience raised the bar for me in regards to original creative work and I have endeavoured to honour a newfound creativity within myself since then.

In 2005, I purchased a longarm quilting machine and was very excited to be able to machine quilt large quilts and also explore the creative limits of stitching to create design. I have stitched hundreds of quilts for clients, and enjoyed the small world of machine quilters.

Recently a friend and artist, Julie Elliot, introduced my to monoprinting and blockprinting. When I adapted these techniques onto fabric, I almost cried with joy! This process is so instant and so gratifying, and again opens up more creative possibilities.

And so it is with these experiences, and this enthusiasm, that I  find myself at a time of wanting to give back. A time to discover and support other creative explorers in their own creative journey, as well as teaching, coaching and  encouraging them along their way.

Come join me and enjoy exploring your creativity designing in colour and fabric!