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(posted on 30 Jan 2013)

The other day my daughter and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. It was one of thos misty, foggy days, when everything is drenched in water. It was quiet and beautiful. We walk through orchards, and along lanes, admiring the offerings that nature had to bring on that day. As we rounded a corner, I saw a building that I had seen on this route so many times. But this time, something different happened. When I saw this building, I felt tension drain out of my body. This was tension that I didn't even know I was carrying. My whole body sighed. So what was different about this building this time? Colour. It had been newly painted the most gorgeous shades of green, and had a wonderful muted red door! Now, this building is nothing special. In fact it is a public works yard building. Concrete block construction. The change was so magnificent because for 20 years this building had been painted Greek blue. Now, I have nothing against Greek blue. In Greece. I would love to see it reflecting the hues of the ocean. But, this building is in a rural setting with a backdrop of everygreens behind it. So on this day, with the mist rising behind it, this building looked stunning. It fit. There was nothing jarring about it. Peace and serenity pervailed.

I tell this story to honour my love of colour. Colour brings me joy! I used to think this was kind of hokey, this joy in colour thing, but that is who I am. By telling it, maybe you will be free to find joy in colour too! That is my wish.