Darlene Friesen: Quilt Artist and Coach
Quilting and sewing coach serving the North Okanagan in British Columbia: Classes offered in my studio or your home. I provide consultation to aid your personal projects. I also provide longarm quilting service.


Sometimes simple is best.

I was out for a walk with Hobbes the dog, one sunny winter day. I looked up and was struck by the beauty of the deciduous trees along the edge of the country road. Stark branches against a dazzling blue sky. With this wallhanging, I have tried to replicate this effect with commercial blue fabric that I altered using a printmaking technique. I wanted to make a vibrant, shimmering blue that matched that winter sky.

The angles of the branches create a dynamic design, echoing the beauty of this winter scene.

For hanging this piece, I experimented with different configurations of branches to frame the work. After many hours of auditioning, many combinations, in the end, I was most happy with just a simple branch hung from copper loops that were attached to rings sewn on the back of the quilt.

So, sometimes it is the simple things in life that are the best. The simple act of taking Hobbes the dog for a walk, and noticing a stand of deciduous trees. Taking the time to observe how the light bark provided a stark contrast against a dazzling winter sky.