Darlene Friesen: Quilt Artist and Coach
Quilting and sewing coach serving the North Okanagan in British Columbia: Classes offered in my studio or your home. I provide consultation to aid your personal projects. I also provide longarm quilting service.


This month's tree of life is a branch from our apricot tree. We have been blessed with two "old faithful" apricot trees that grow in our yard. We inherited them when we bought the place 21 years ago. I am happy to report that they have soldiered on despite our neglect. We don't spray, rarely prune, and yet are rewarded year after year with the most gorgeous apricots.

Recently I have begun using these apricots to make homemade wine. Hmm, hmm, good. Well almost....It appears I still have lots to learn about winemaking. But, I have tasted my more experienced neighbour's apricot wine, and it is delicious!

So, this month's tree of life is our apricot tree. To wine, jam, and fresh eating fruit, this is my tribute to this "tree of life".

The leaves and fruit are printed onto commercial fabric. The apricots where printed onto ultrasuede to mimic the feel of an apricot. The background and branch are batik fabric. This piece was machine quilted on my longarm machine.