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For those of you who are readers, you might have come across The Golden Spruce by John Vailant.

I loved this book. My father began his career in the woods as a faller. He was a very social person,

and some of the characters in this book were household names in our home.

I am grateful for the hardworking man my father was. He risked many things to provide for

his family. He was also very generous, and I am very thankful for all the ways that he

provided for us.

I love the West Coast forests. Even now, driving down the Coquihalla Hwy, I sometimes

get the urge to pull over, and explore forests on the side of the road. They are dense and

private and a world unto themselves. The smell of the forest, the quiet of the forest, and

the light shafts filtering through the trees, all create a a world that is both mysterious

and inviting.

When I enter a forest, my senses are drenched by its beauty. For me, it is a sacred space.

So, for September, my choice of the image of the Golden Spruce is a reminder of my

Father, and the gratitude and appreciation that I have for him. He taught me about

trees and introduced me to the beauty of the forest.

(posted on 8 Sep 2012)

"Desire fulfilled is a tree of life".

I have many 'trees of life' that I am thankful for. I am big on symbols, so when I read this verse, I began to reflect on the many desires in my life that have been fulfilled. I began to see this as a great reflection on gratitude and a creative adventure. So, I am doing something a little different. I am connecting a timeline to my inspiration. My goal is to create a different tree of life every month for a year. Each piece will be different in size and composition, and reflect a personal connection to a desire fulfilled. My love of trees will definitely help here. When the year is up, I will have a forest on my wall, a reminder of the gratitude I feel for the 'desires fulfilled' in my life.

Stay posted to watch the forest unfold!

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