Darlene Friesen: Quilt Artist and Coach
Quilting and sewing coach serving the North Okanagan in British Columbia: Classes offered in my studio or your home. I provide consultation to aid your personal projects. I also provide longarm quilting service.

Quilt for Kate

All stories can be borne if we put them in a story or tell a story about them.

Isak Dinesen.

Quilt for Kate

I decided to make a quilted wallhanging in memory of Kate. In 2012 her life ended in a brutal manor. She was a good friend to me and a dynamic contributor in our book club that had met for 11 years. As I came to grips with the shock and loss of her death, I began to formulate a quilt in her memory. This creative process focused the grieving process for me. What started as a very dark and painful design,eventually became a design that reflected something quite different. As my grieving changed, so did the design of the quilt. This process of design mirrored the grief I felt in my heart. Many months passed until I came to a place of peace and acceptance with her death. I then started working on the quilt. Inspiration came from a scarf her husband had given me, and from the colour of Kate's newly renovated kitchen. I invited the friends of Kate in our book club to share words that described Kate. These words were stitched into the quilt.

When the quilt was complete, I felt my grieving was complete. I presented it to our book club women, and they now share it amongst themselves, passing it from home to home.

I am grateful for creativity. It is a tool that allowed me to grieve and to come out on the other side of grief.

Kate, you are always remembered.